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Expunge My Record Now! specializes in getting Florida criminal records and Florida arrests records erased off of your record. Our experienced attorneys offer high quality sealing and expungement services at low prices!   Sealing/Expungement Package Pricing Starting as Low as $99*

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The attorneys at Expunge My Record Now! helped me out and got my record sealed. Now I can apply for jobs without worrying about getting denied because of my old charges…

D.K.,Orlando, FL

I had been dealing with a felony on my record for 4 years before talking to the attorneys at Expunge My Record Now! They took care of everything and now my record is cleared up. Thanks!

T.G., Daytona Beach, FL

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Many Floridians who have either gotten criminal cases dismissed or have completed their sentences without a conviction have several questions:

  1. Am I eligible to expunge my record in Florida?
  2. How much does it cost expunge my record in Florida?
  3. How much do I start the process to expunge my record in Florida?
  4. How long does it take to expunge my record in Florida?
  5. If I am not eligible to expunge my record in Florida right now, can I still seal my record in Florida at this time?
  6. What is the difference if I seal my record in Florida and expunge my record in Florida?

Expunge My Record Now provides high quality and affordable sealing and expungement services to those who want to expunge their criminal and arrest records in Florida. Having a criminal or arrest record in Florida can prevent a person from getting jobs, housing, admission into school, professional licenses, student loans, mortgages, and many other things. For only $575, the team of experienced lawyers at Expunge My Record Now can erase your Florida criminal record and give you the second chance you need to land that job, get that degree, get that apartment or house, and get back on the road to success. Call us today at 850-EXPUNGE and let us help you clear your record.