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Florida sealing

The experienced team of attorneys at Expunge My Record Now! provide high quality sealing and expungement services designed to get your Florida criminal record cleared. We have over 15 years of experience providing sealing and expungement services in Florida. At Expunge My Record Now!, we realize that living with a criminal record can have devastating and long-lasting consequences. Studies show that a person living with a criminal record will earn about 40% less income over their lifetime than a person without a criminal record, and 50% of employers won’t even consider a person with a criminal record for a job. Having a criminal record can also prevent you from getting housing, student loans, professional licenses, legal immigration status in the U.S., and many other rights and privileges.  At Expunge My Record Now!, our goal is to provide our clients Florida sealing and expungement services designed to clear your criminal record and give you a second chance at making a good first impression.

Expunge My Record Now! offers the best full-service Florida Sealing and Florida Expungement service in the State for the unbelievably low price of $599!* With our Full-Service Florida Sealing and Florida Expungement Packages, our team of experienced Florida Sealing and Expungement Attorneys will take care of all the confusing legal work required to get your sealing or expungement done the right way, file all the proper applications/motions/proposed orders on your behalf, and get your record cleared quickly and efficiently. For those seeking a lower-cost alternative, we also offer a step-by-step Do It Yourself Package for $99. Expunge My Record Now!, gives you all of the benefits of clearing your Florida criminal record minus the confusing legal work and high cost. Don’t let your past define your future! Call us at 1-850-EXPUNGE (1-850 397-8643) today or fill out the quick and easy form at www.expungemyrecordnow.com to get started today!

Clear Your Record For Cheap! Expunge My Record Now Provides Low Cost Florida Sealing and Expungement. Stop Letting Your Past Criminal Record Prevent You From Reaching Your Full Potential! Full Service Package (All Fees Included) Only $575! Do It Yourself Package Only $99!