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Florida expungement

Florida expungement is the process of getting your Florida criminal and arrest record cleared. Florida expungement is defined by Florida Statute 943.0585 and allows eligible individuals in Florida with a criminal or arrest record to get their record erased. Expungement is available to those who have a criminal and/or arrest record in Florida, have never been convicted of any crime in the State of Florida, have never previously had any Florida criminal/arrest record sealed or expunged, and are otherwise eligible under Florida selaing and expungement laws. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) determines whether or not an individual applying for Florida expungement is eligible. If the applicant is determined to be eligible for expungement, FDLE issues the applicant a Certificate of Eligibility, which can be used to petition the Court to grant expungement. The entire expungement process takes about 6-10 months depending on how many applications FDLE is processing at a given time. During slow periods, FDLE will process expungement applications quickly, which can expedite the expungement process. During especially busy times, FDLE will process expungement applications at a slower rate, meaning the expungement process could take a little longer.

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