How It Works

Step #1

Call us today at 1-850-EXPUNGE (1-850-397-8643) or fill our quick and easy online form at to set up your FREE CONSULTATION.


Step #2

We conduct a free 5 minute eligibility test to see if you qualify for sealing/expungement of your Florida criminal record.


Step #3

We prepare all sealing/expungement application materials and gather all required supplemental documents to complete your application.


Step #4

Sign your sealing/expungement application.


Step #5

Get fingerprint card done at your local law enforcement agency and mail it to us or drop it off at our office.

Step #6

We take care of the rest!

Step #7

In a few months time your Florida criminal and/or arrest record will be sealed/expunged and your record will be clean again!

Florida record expunge

Getting a Florida Record Expunge can change your life. Thousands of Florida residents with criminal records are unable to pass a criminal background check because of a past criminal or arrest record. These Floridians are often unable get a job, obtain housing, qualify for student loans, qualify for a mortgage, qualify for professional licenses/certifications, gain admission into college, and unable to take advantage of many other opportunities due to their criminal history. This occurs even when the criminal or arrest record is based on an incident that occurred 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 or more years ago! When you pay to get a Florida Record Expunge, you are making the smartest investment of your life. You can start fixing all of these problems and get your life back on the path to success. Contact our team of knowledgeable Florida Record Expunge Attorneys at Expunge My Record Now at or call us today at 1-850-EXPUNGE (1-850-397-8643) to start the process of getting a Florida Record Expunge and turning around your life today!

Call the Florida Record Expunge Attorneys at Expunge My Record today at 1-850-EXPUNGE (1-850-397-8643)! Get your Florida Criminal Record sealed or expunged and get your life back on track!